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Dad, Husband, Freelance Creative

Photographer and Videographer

Joe Morel

Hey, I’m Joe Morel, freelance media creator from Southern Rhode Island. I’ve been capturing the beauty of nature and life’s big events for folks for over 20 years. My love for connecting with others and the beauty of our natural world is evident in my work.

I’ve filmed over 80 weddings as a lead videographer on the day, and photographed more than 40 as lead photographer. I’ve covered hundreds of different events for various groups and functions over the years.

I’m also a licensed drone pilot with six years of experience. I use my drone to capture stunning aerial shots of nature and events, adding a unique perspective.

I consider my self an experienced hand in many areas of this profession and my passion for photography and videography shines through in every project I take on. Whether you’re looking for stunning nature shots, playful family portraits, or beautiful wedding photography, I would be honored to capture your special moments. 📷🎥

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