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Joseph Morel

Thank you to everyone who has come to check out my little slice of the internet. I’m so grateful to be living in a time of beauty and technology. We have the ability to share the things we create and the moments we spend together. I’m an adventurer.  A creative soul who will always make a connection with whatever environment I encounter.

I firmly believe in giving my clients and the people I work with greater value than they may expect.

I have a wide background in photography starting as a passionate hobby for me in my early 20’s. I was traveling around the country with my business at the time and when I would finish up for the day I would have the beautiful sunsets happening right in front of me. Wherever I happened to be that week I would go find the most interesting and picturesque spots. I would spend multiple days in these places and would do the same events year over year so I saw these places in all kinds of varied light. I would come back to my lodgings, which was usually a small campervan that I had just driven around photo hunting and edit or watch tutorials on how to make the images the way I wanted to. I credit my early inspiration to Trey Ratcliff (www.stuckincustoms.com). Before the book, before New Zealand, Trey was an innovator and still is and I admire what he has done throughout the years. I learned a tremendous amount from Kelby Media and the pros on there. Joe Mcnally, Cliff Mautner, Scott, so many guys on there convey information in a way that you can actually learn from and it’s real life shoots.

I started shooting events locally over 6 years ago. I did my first wedding third shooting for my very talented sister, Pamela Bhatia owner of Artistic Images RI, and under the eye of Al Weems. I never forget he asked me, what’s the widest, fast lens you have? 11 MM F4 I said. He said great. Put it on that and get close. Jumped right in. From there I took a few friend referrals for full weddings and I also began second shooting for Penny Souza Photography. An excellent wedding photographer and dog lover from Newport. I got to work in many wonderful venues and find my stride as an event photographer. I want all the people who have helped me along the way to know that I appreciate it immensely. I will always share knowledge and educate others because good people did that for me.

In the years since I have built a full studio kit and learned the intricacy of Flash and controlled flash photography. I will always be a student in all forms of photography. Within the last 2 years I have expanded into drone work. Getting certified last year and logging many hours with a 4k DJI drone platform. Doing all kinds of exciting things with it from corporate highlight reels and group shots to beautiful ocean sunrises from points all along the northeast coast.

I freelance and shoot for multiple outlets and businesses. I take portrait and other shoots as they come in from my network. I love doing this and my rates are fairly reasonable for the reality of today. If you have a need or want for professional quality images, videos, or other exciting new media content such as VR and 360 work, please reach out. Send an email or a text to my cell and let’s make it happen. Thanks for stopping by!

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