Landscape / Seascape


Jamestown, RI holds a special place in my heart.

I don’t know when I fell in love with Jamestown. We lived on the Island for a time when I was young. I had my first job washing dishes at Chopmist Charlies, one of the few restaurants on the island.  My parents had a shop that I used to man when I was probably too young to do so. I took sailing lessons in little Optis. We had a fiberglass bottom, rubber sided, small craft with a cockpit steering wheel instead of steering from the motor in the back. Those years the X-games were in Newport across Narragansett bay at Fort Adams and we would buzz over and pull right up to the events on our little boat.

Racing the Bay Queen and the Blue Angels as we bounced over the small surf and explored under the Newport Bridge. All the kids on the Island were skaters and there was a small group that did free style rollerblading. Jamestown is the only place in the world I have ever succesfully completed a grind of any rail or bench even if it was on rollerblades..Eventually moving to East Greenwich, Jamestown was one of my many go to spots when the light was nice as a photographer. Being able to view stunning oceanscapes from all sides of the island, Jamestown provided me  easy access to whatever interesting light and sky that developed if I was out shooting. I have been truly blessed to witness the things I have seen with my own two eyes from Jamestown’s shores. When I think of ocean sunsets and lighthouses and New England, I think of Jamestown. I will always return to this Island to capture it’s beauty.

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